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Sylvia Farrow

SylviaFarrow studied ceramics at Camberwell College, London, but has always painted and drawn in watercolour. Throughout her life she has sketched, painted and drawn, honing her style and refining her techniques. Initially painting landscapes, inspired by trips to France and Italy, then working on Still Life using everyday objects such as fruit, flowers, ceramics and vintage finds, and finally, a brief experimentation with portraiture. Gradually Sylvia extended her repertoire to wildlife, namely animals, using mixed media, but now combines her love of watercolour and birds and focuses mainly on this, as the fluid nature of watercolour lends itself perfectly to these little creatures that never keep still.

There are so many wonderful birds in her gardens in both France and London, and to help with her studies Sylvia takes many photographs and also spends hours studying their antics. Sylvia has exhibited in France, Italy and the UK, finally allowing her hobby and passion to become a career.

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