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Sheila Madder

Sheila Madder works in slip cast coloured porcelain, using contrasting and complimenting colours to enhance form and shape. Layers of porcelain are built up then worked back to reveal the colour beneath. The inside is glazed and outside is sanded smooth. The juxtaposition of glazed and naked porcelain enhances the appearance and feel of the piece. Sheila's work is inspired by an underlying philosophy of Emotionally durable design and the slow movement.

In 2011 Sheila completed a BA degree in 3D craft and design with a specialism in ceramics. During her degree she focused on mould making, slip casting, and coloured clay. During this time Sheila was also studying the philosophies of the slow movement and emotionally durable design. The idea of producing tableware that people want to take their time using really appealed to her. This involved a lot of research in to textures of clays and glazes as well as how people hold their tableware. She came to the conclusion that the feel of the smooth unglazed porcelain in the hand was the most tactile. Sheila also decided upon the way she holds her pots to be the style the carvings should be, as this would be her version of leaving her handprint on the pieces.

After graduating Sheila's dad (a builder and carpenter) built her a workshop attached to the back of his workshop as a graduation present. She purchased a kiln and a lathe and started making. She has continued her theme of the slow movement, emotionally durable design and holding the pots in her work as she has been developing her range of wares.

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