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Nobuko Okumura
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Nobuko has been strongly inspired by geometric and natural forms.  She explores a combination of geometry and nature to create something unique from these apparent opposites. This playful concept is united with her tenacity to craft one of a kind pieces, as well as producing small batches for retail. Her very wearable pieces all have a 3D aspect which gives dimension and depth to her jewellery. This gives each piece a spatial relationship to the wearer, no matter how big or small. 


“I always wanted to work with precious metals, so working with what I sought out for my career is a joy and I welcome the challenge. I believe each piece of jewellery ought to be unique, like every individual, and this is how I like the jewellery to make people feel. I think there are always reasons to wear jewellery and all reasons will be different. We all have our own story.  Working with this material is my story and my customers relate to that."

From her workshop in Birmingham’s historic Jewellery Quarter, Nobuko works to commission, supplies UK galleries and exhibits at selected exhibitions and selling fairs throughout the year. 

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