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Janne Cornish

"Pots should be true to themselves and be able to confidently occupy a space.”

Drawing inspiration from her Japanese heritage and the subdued, natural tones of the famous ceramics area Karatsu, Kyushu, and her mother’s birthplace, Janne’s style is sleekly minimal yet beautifully earthy.

The influence of Karatsu is evident in Janne’s hand-thrown stoneware pieces. Simple forms and glazing techniques leave the colour and texture of clays visible and invite handling – the pots should be enjoyed as a physical experience as much as a visual pleasure.

Japan has a long tradition of miniature making and Janne is interested in the delicate detail and skills required for throwing pots on a small scale. In recognition of her heritage, the petite series is named for her mother, Kuga.

Janne recalls making her first pot on a family visit to a pottery kiln in Karatsu as a child. This experience left a deep imprint - and since then, she has continuously pursued her love of ceramics-making.
She currently works at the Turning Earth studio in east London and regularly studies with ceramicist Carina Ciscato.

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