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Deborah Kelly-Hopkins
Meet the A L'Etage 2 maker - Deborah Kel

Art was Deborah Kelly-Hopkins' favourite subject throughout school along with Woodwork and Metalwork. She had far more success with metal based projects thus leading her on to study Silversmithing and Jewellery Design at Birmingham’s School of Jewellery. After university Deborah was accepted onto a scheme to help artists make a business from their craft. Then in 2000 she received funding to enable her to work at her business full-time.

Deborah Kelly-Hopkins have produced and sold many collections over the years, as well as taken on many commissions inspired by her style. Her inspirations are both manmade and natural. Objects that shine and sparkle always catch her eye and she loves the natural textures of bark, stone and rocks. These details have developed into the distinctive texture that has become the signature of Deborah's work.

Today Deborah produces 3 collections:

Modern, consisting of silver and gold textured circles in many different sizes, linked together with a polished finish.

Valentine, combines polished, satin and oxidised silver in each piece and the collection is entirely made of hearts.

Rings, for every day, for men and women, for weddings, for anniversaries. Made in silver, gold, diamonds and gemstones.

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