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Annakin by Anna France
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"This isn’t a hobby. This is what I do and what I'm passionate about"

Anna France thinks that traditional crafts - like creating jewellery - can actually become art when they are applied to the highest standards. And that's what she aims to do.

It's a combination of technique - which comes from experience - and creativity, which comes from who knows where?

Anna thinks it's also about where you take your inspiration from too. She doesn't stick rigidly to one style or movement. She might get that 'light bulb-over-the-head' moment when she's walking in the woods near her home, spotting something new and interesting … a different texture. Or she could be admiring an absolute classic piece in the V&A and think 'what would my version of that look like?'

It’s not all po-faced theory either. Anna wants her jewellery to be enjoyed and worn with a smile.

Because every piece is handmade from the highest quality materials and are hallmarked and each one of my pieces will be slightly different. But then, we're all different too.

Anna France's pieces of jewellery are designed and handmade from the highest quality and hallmarked solid silver. She also use natural materials to help create pieces which are both striking and original.  There is no set 'look' to an Annakin Silver piece - she likes to combine various techniques and enjoy trying something new and surprising to catch your eye.

Anna doesn't just work in silver either, but also gold and platinum and everything is limited with many items only produced a handful of times.

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