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Tracy Laughton
Tracy Laughton.jpg

A Textile Design graduate from the University of Leeds, with a Diploma in Interior Design and Decoration from Chelsea College of Art. She worked as a commercial interior designer until a stint living abroad enabled her to pick up her love of painting again.
And she’s never looked back! She now paints, teaches children art and lives in SE London.
Her work is inspired by the natural world where the use of colour, line, shape and texture play major roles.

The small acrylic fruits are on canvas board and influenced by naive paintings.  Depicting everyday fruits in a joyous simplistic way using complementary colour plays to enhance the individual fruits appeal. As humans we often over complicate our reasons for liking something and I want to encourage people to take a moment in their busy day to appreciate nature and enjoy the moment of that thought.

The series of watercolours are studies to make us really observe the beauty within nature. Often playing with proportional oversizing as in “chilli” and “clementine “ to make the object really dominate. By pushing the qualities of the medium through colour strength, as in “ chilli” or its translucency in “clementine “ I hope to enhance the character of the object.

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