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Tine Bech
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Tine Bech Studio is a facilitator of innovative thinking, merging art and design with the digital language of technology and physical participation to create public art, light art, interactive installations, sculptures and games. Our combined knowledge, drawn from art, interaction design, play theory, electronic engineering and software design, delivers projects that connect strangers for shared moments of discovery and wonder.

Dr Tine Bech is a multidisciplinary artist and has a PhD in Play Theory and Interactive Art, a Masters in Sculpture and a BA in Painting. She creates innovative, interactive art, and designs eloquent, playful and meaningful artworks in the public realm and for galleries and museums. She was born in Aarhus, Denmark, and now lives in London and works internationally. 

Tine’s drawings are inspired by nature and elements such as gravity and rain. She mixes traditional drawing tools with innovative materials to develop new ways of interacting with the paper. Just as in her interactive sculptures and installations - in her drawing the interactions, the mark making, the splash of rain on the paper - is at the heart of the work.

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