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Sara Drake

Sara DrakeSara Drake spent her early years in Hong Kong and travelled widely throughout her childhood and teens. When not giving in to her wanderlust, the intervening years were spent in the UK, growing up in rural Sussex, and studying and working in Brighton and London.


Sara Drake studied 3D and Furniture Design at Central St Martin's and Middlesex University.  She didn't learn much, except that she’s a technological dinosaur, better suited to playing with bits of wood and wire than wrestling with a computer. She also discovered that her brain thinks better in 3D and that she draws better with a scalpel than a pencil. She developed her love of colour, pattern and shiny things and a penchant for skip-diving, using recycled materials and papier mache.


Once Sara left college, she started making animal sculptures and the occasional map from papier mache. She sold these through galleries and shows. Initially Sara just made globes and world maps but soon started getting commissions for individual maps and the business took off. She got a studio, threw in the day job and was both excited and mildly astonished to discover people would pay her to make maps of their favourite places. Sara found she could make a living from combining her true passions - travel, sculpting, painting and 3D illustration.


Sara Drake now works from a studio in South Fremantle, Western Australia. When not working on her next map project, she can be found beachcombing at the edge of the Ocean - or sampling the local Margaret River wine at the pub.

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