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Michelle Wickland-Sims
Michelle Wickland Sims_edited.jpg

Michelle Graduated from central st Martins College Of Art and Design with a Degree in textiles Design. Her speciality was print making. Hand painting screens gave her work a loose, painterly and expressive immediacy.


After college Michelle took her textiles and painting knowledge to work on feature films in costume departments for over 10 years.


Only a few years ago Michelle finally returned to her first love, painting. She set up her own art studio near her home in Crystal Palace were she now works.


Her collections most often are inspired by and start with a series of her own photographs which capture  beauty and simplicity in the human world, quite often showing the stark contrast between harsh, angular industrial landscapes jucstaposed by the uncertanty and ever changinging nature around it. Then distiling compositions down to there raw,abstract,engaging interpretation through mixed media,collage and paint. The simplicity of her aesthetic belies a rigorous and frenetic work ethic which prevents her from 'overthinking' and stifling her mark making. Her thought process becomes a stream of concius decissions flowing from one to another. Pushing each idea, and concept into the next. 

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