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Mandy Treptow
Mandy Treptow.jpg

Mandy loves glass due to its vibrant colours that can light up any grey day. Glass is often perceived as fragile but is in fact very strong. She creates handmade, high quality fused glass items all made in a small studio in Southwest London. Mandy works with Bullseye Glass which she mostly hand cuts, then assembles and fires in a kiln. Her glass often has several layers and may go into the kiln for several firings. She also works with a lot of accessory glass and inclusions such a silver or copper foil. 

Mandy Treptow has worked in Fused Glass since 2006 after she first fell in love with Stained Glass at university. In 2016 she had the great opportunity to make this into her day job. This means that she does everything from making the glass, managing and packaging orders and social media - as well as raising two beautiful daughters. By buying one of her products you can be assured that she does her best to give you that very special something. 

Mandy Treptow also creates Art Glass and she is an elected committee member of Just Glass ( as well as a member of the Contemporary Glass Society ( She regularly exhibit my Art Glass pieces and teach workshops.

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