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Eleanor Lines
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Eleanor is an artist and artist educator born and raised in South London. She now lives and works between Athens and London. Architecture, geometry, pattern and structure are all prevailing themes within her work.

After undertaking a two-month artist residency in Greece in 2016, her practice was greatly inspired by the architectural history of Kypseli, a central district of Athens. This has become a continuous source of inspiration for her, which she explores through a variety of mediums such as screen printing, digital drawing and collage. By isolating shapes found in, for instance, Art Deco metal work, and reimaging these forms, she explores and deconstructs the fabric of the city. The Athenian light and surrounding landscape have all contributed to the colour palette of her latest prints, where brightly coloured geometric forms are set off against one another, creating rhythmic and sometimes optical patterns. 

She is currently founding a screen printing studio; Kypseli Print Studio, (10 Sporadon, Athens) which will be open to the local and international artist community, providing educational workshops and artist residencies.

In 2017 she completed her first major public commission ‘Undulations’ for the Crown Estate, made up of thousands of laser cut pieces of metal, which can be found just off Piccadilly Circus on Sherwood Street W1. 

In London, she has worked and continues to work for various institutions such as the Bow Arts Trust, delivering printmaking workshops in schools across East London, and the Barbican Centre leading architectural walking tours of the 1960’s estate. 

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