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Vicky Oldfield

Vicky Oldfield's strong images are created using collagraphs, an experimental form of printmaking.  The prints are taken from plates which have been collaged with a variety of materials, card, fabric, paper, string, sand and anything else that may come to hand; it's recycling at it's most creative!  The plates are then sealed and then inked up and printed in intaglio or relief on damp paper using an etching press.  The embossed textural quality of the print is unique to this method.

Thanks to the process itself, she is able to make small editions of the image, the editions are variable due to the process and her desire to experiment, which means each print is unique.

Continually inspired by plants, objects and the animals that surround her, her pictures are an atmospheric response to the beauty and drama of her daily life.

Vicky studied (BA Hons) Design at Staffordshire University and then advanced printmaking at Richmond School of Art tutored by master printmaker Melvyn Petterson.

She has worked as a freelance designer/illustrator in recent years, clients include, Art Angels, Canns down press, Villeroy and Boch, Dorma, Crown, Venelia, The British Museum, Lings cards, Phoenix Trading, Wedgewood, Art Crazy and Papercraft magazines. Before freelancing she worked as a studio designer for Triodes International in Paris and Crown Wallcoverings in London.

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