Vivienne Boardman
Vivienne Boardman Poppy

Vivienne Boardman was always fascinated with women making lace outdoors whilst on holiday in the Greek Islands in the 1980's. After she finished an Art Therapy course at South Trafford College, she read about a lace course. So 20 years ago Vivienne learned the Art of Lacemaking. 

She has made various items using a variety of lacemaking styles; Torchon, Bedfordshire, Bucks Point and Milanese braid lace. Each method is very therapeutic once the technique has been mastered. The main lace she makes now is Torchon (A French Lace) which is versatile and a variety of beautiful patterns can be worked. It is also lovely for Lace Wedding Garters. Vivienne became interested in working with colour a few years ago using embroidery threads and variegated cottons.


Vivienne Boardman started making poppies as a project, and from there made different coloured small flower brooches each unique in colour and lovely to wear. She uses 100% cotton embroidery threads because of the wide variety of colours and shades. The threads are made up of 6 single threads and when a few different colours and shades are used together it creates depth to the finished piece. She also uses Finca Bolillos lace thread in ecru which is 100% Egyptian cotton (used for the Hellibore flower brooch ) Bespoke colours are available on request.