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Kerry Richardson
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Kerry Richardson is a highly qualified designer jeweller based in Peterborough.

Kerry's highly individual style comes from a combination of African landscape and culture, with personal symbols unique to her work. She is interested in creating versatile and eye catching jewellery.

Besides the jewellery studies she did in South Africa, she has also studied at the Sir John Cass Department of Jewellery and Silversmiths, London Guildhall University, and has received awards for her work from both the British Jeweller's Association and the Goldsmith's Hall.

Kerry established her first jewellery making workshop in South Africa in 1983, and moved to the United Kingdom in 1990, where she set up her new workshop. She has been in her current workshop since 2013.

More recently she specialises in creating 'one-off pieces and uses recycled old, broken or out of date jewellery to create something special for a client.

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