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Julia McKenzie
Julia McKenzie.jpg

Julia McKenzie is based in London and studied fine art at Camberwell School of Art. 

Julia uses maps and atlases in her work, to anchor work with a sense of place through colour, text and symbols. 

Julia is interested in broken, lost or discarded fragments of nature or man-made objects found immediately around me. She draws things found on the beach and on her travels through the countryside. She tends to look for bones, plants, beetles and birds found outside her studio at home. 

"The journey between my house and studio each day reveals new objects, animals and observations that connect me to my environment. I like residues and husks of animals, plants or minerals that have survived long enough for me to find and examine. I celebrate the fragile, forgotten and broken."

In 2013 Julia was commissioned by the Imperial War Museum to create a design for remembrance for the 100-year anniversary of the First World War. She created an eternal spring in the round with words from the poem Aftermath by Siegfried Sassoon. She has also had an Atlas page drawing acquired by the British Library to add to the national collection of antiquarian maps.

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