Jacqui Atkin
Jacqui Atkin_edited.jpg

Jacqui Atkins consider herself to be extremely lucky to have found clay and she is continually excited by the processes of working with it.

Jacqui has been potting for twenty years now and during that time the main focuses of her work have encompassed low firing techniques and especially resist Raku. However, in an attempt to move away from this extreme firing process, recent work has been exploring new surface treatments where texture forms the background for botanical imagery. Using under-glaze for dramatic colour variations, her aim is to replicate, to some extent, the look of raku fired clay. She also makes wall pieces using botanical samples from her garden and the woodland surrounding her home.

Jacqui uses all making methods, often combining techniques to create forms - moulded sections with slabbed additions, thrown sections with coiled additions etc.

Inspiration for form and pattern is drawn from many sources but the view from her studio window which looks out over her garden and the woodland beyond in rural Shropshire has the most enduring influence, ever changing with the seasons, a rich palette of colour and shape.


Before moving to Shropshire Jacqui Atkin taught ceramics in colleges and for the NHS mental health service which teaches art as therapy. She exhibits in galleries throughout the UK and has work in public collections at the University of Wales, Aberystwyth and the City Museum, Stoke on Trent.