Lesley Frankland
Rumba-blue-silk-wool-scarf-med 3sq.jpg

Lesley Frankland designs elegant woven fabrics to be worn and cherished by both women and men. Her designs are inspired by mindful study of the relationships between light and colour, as well as the techniques and skills of the craft of weaving.

Setting up a loom is a very precise, technical skill, requiring the attention to detail that Lesley enjoys. Then the fun begins - exploring colour and weave techniques - how colours behave when woven to give the optical impression of another colour - like paint mixing - eg. yellow and blue tricking the mind to see green. How the proportion of one colour to another will let a design work or not. How subtle these variations can be, sometimes surprising. Very small changes to sett, yarn combination, colour balance will influence how a fabric looks, feels and behaves.

All that attentive work can bring out the very best qualities of a fibre (the lustrous shimmer of silk, the tactile drape of wool).  Lesley’s aim is to offer beautifully designed woven fabrics, with a lively, contemporary abstract style that look elegant and feel fabulous.

All work is designed and sampled by Lesley on a 32 shaft Leclerc hand loom in her studio, set in a pretty part of Essex.  Some become one off handwoven specials, others are designed to be woven as limited editions on traditional power looms in the UK.  All work is finished by hand in the studio, giving Lesley the ability to ensure the fabric has the perfect luxurious, soft, fluid feel she achieves with her hand weaving.